Access Control System

Access Control System

We provide effective solutions for access controls in Saudi Arabia. Through our access control systems we safeguard your business. We provide highest level of security to your networks. Our solutions are according to user’s convenience. We offer real time monitoring and cost effective solutions. Our Access control systems use advance security technologies and offers remarkable security solutions.

Our main aim through access control systems is to protect IP, physical and human properties. Through our services we restrict unauthorized user to reach defined areas. Our access control solutions are based on time and zone. We enable our user to secure their data using advanced access control features. Our solutions are reliable and can control multiple devices. We also provide fingerprint access control to increase more security. On violation of any access policy you can get a notification through message or email. We find innovative solutions to access control and deliver world class service to our clients in Saudi Arabia. Our expert team installs your access control system and maintains it.

Our services also involve access reporting, time tracking and visitor management. We also offer a wide range of biometric access control systems to secure your business. Our biometric access control systems use fingerprint, iris or voice as physical identities. We provide flexible and scalable access control solutions so that your business grows according to your needs. Our access control systems only grant access to authorized user thus providing high level of security. Our access control systems can work on both small and large businesses. You can manage our access control systems through any device with internet. We offer our clients with an advantage to add or delete any data according to them. We focus to deliver innovative solutions in a cost effective manner.

Types Of Access Control

We provide different kinds of access control system which mainly include

  • Discretionary Access Control
  • Mandatory Access Control and
  • Role Based Access Control

Our access control system solutions serve you with advanced technologies that you require to deliver security solutions. Our solutions minimize risk to your business by providing world class security. Our services rely on access card readers, user credentials and auditing. Through our access control systems you can limit access of unauthorized person to files, intellectual property, networks, applications and many more. Our access control system involve a user database, a control software and management tools.

Access Control Devices

Access control system uses

  • Passwords
  • Personal identification numbers
  • Security tokens
  • Biometric scans
  • Patterns and
  • Other authentication factors for identification, authorization and authentication of users.

We strive to provide custom and personalized support to meet the needs of your business. Our effective access control systems are most reliable way to protect your business. Our high skilled security technicians ensure to mange proper flow of people throughout your organization. We are leading access control installer and service providers in Saudi Arabia. We are committed to serve various industries such as hospitality, healthcare, education, oil and gas, government and retail businesses. Our only motive is to make your business secure and ensure that our access control system is integrated to protect your sensitive information. Our team is there to support you 24/7.