We also serve government through our services. Our services play an important role in spreading information between government and citizens. We provide innovative services that help in development of a country. Our services can help government in increasing transparency and accountability. It becomes easy for a government to share information with citizens. We offer efficient security solutions for safe and better communications. Our services provide timely information to citizen of the country. We guarantee high standards of data protection and security. Our services offer high performance solutions for managing taxes. We provide innovative citizen friendly services. Our security solutions support secure and reliable user authentication. Our solutions scale to meet even the need of largest government organizations. We can assist you with satisfying broad range of compliance security solutions requirements. We provide a central archive to the government with high security and availability. Our ICT services also support electronic signatures, reliable data transmission, and entire land management system. Our system provides rapid access of information to the citizens from anywhere in the country. We offer more efficient ICT integrated and security solutions that are more productive. Our solutions have improved services for citizens.

ICT solutions in government industry mainly work on 3 domains

  • E-GOVERNMENTIt involves application of integrated ICT services in operations of government.
  • E-SERVICEThe use of ICT integrated solutions to transform the delivery of services to citizens
  • E-BUSINESSIt involves application of our integrated ICT solutions in transactions which involves government.

Our vision is to optimize services applying modern technologies so that government can easily reach their goals.

Benefits Of ICT

  • Correct and fast information deliveryOur technologies have ability to process all sorts of information by government to citizens accurately and with high speed.
  • GlobalizationIntegrated ICT solutions are a best way of communicating inside and outside a country. Our solutions let you to globalize and let you communicate with people of different culture.
  • Effective CommunicationOur solutions have made communication cost effective and more superior than ever before. Government can gain maximum benefit from our services and citizens can connect from anywhere.
  • Communicating newsOur ICT solutions have made communication of news between government and citizens easier.
  • Creation of new opportunitiesICT solutions are based on IT sector. Government can create new job opportunities through ICT integrated solutions.

We are one of the biggest government security service providers in Saudi Arabia. We provide wide range of value added security services to government.

Services We Offer

  • Physical security solutions
  • Access control systems for restricted areas in government offices.
  • 24/7 civilian oversight monitoring services.
  • Risk and threat management plans.
  • IP CCTV surveillance

We deliver solutions that enable detection of frauds and produce rapid response to threats. Our services offer maximum return of investment to government. Simple and sophisticated solutions that secure government sector and provide complete end point protection. We are renowned providers of modern, robust, reliable and secure solutions to public sector in Saudi Arabia.