Handicapped System (Nurse Calling)

Handicapped System

We are the providers of smart and cost effective handicapped systems in Saudi Arabia. We offer cheap low power and efficient handicapped systems. We provide wireless remote control handicapped systems that help physically challenged people. We create better systems to care for person’s with disabilities. To provide safety and comfort to handicapped persons we offer best handicapped solutions. While designing equipments we make sure the safety and comfort of our clients. If you want best solutions for your challenges then we are a right choice. We have technological solutions for person with disabilities. We make products and services available for person with disabilities. We conduct market research and identify barriers to accessibility and usability. Our equipments are designed to address disabilities and perform challenges.

Action Performed By Our Equipments

  • Grabbing
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Climbing
  • Walking
  • Lifting
  • Cooking

We also make devices that are compatible with their peripheral devices. Our products and services are:

  • EASILY ACCESSIBLEOur products comprises of input, output and mechanical functions which are easily accessible.
  • EASY TO USEPeople with disabilities can easily operate our products.
  • COMPATIBLEOur products and services can be made compatible with the peripheral devices.

Our Equipments

  • CANEFor those who suffer from mild mobility problem.
  • WALKERPortable device for those who have balance problems.
  • WHEELCHAIRMobility device for those who can’t walk on their own
  • SCOOTERFor those who can balance on their own but have limited mobility