IPTV System and Digital Signage

IPTV System and Digital Signage

We ensure greater employee engagement of your business by providing IPTV system and digital signage services in Saudi Arabia. Through our services we make your business better within your existing networks and infrastructure. We use digital signage to display your messages, media and data from both local and internet sources on your device. We provide high quality and reliable IPTV systems. Through our IPTV systems we deliver television content over Internet Protocol networks.

Our Services

Our services provide better experience to our customers. IPTY system elements include

  • IPTV head end
  • Video on demand platform
  • Interactive protocol
  • Delivery network
  • End points
  • And home TV gateway

We serve different industries such as hospitality, healthcare, education, oil and gas, government and retail businesses through smart technology. Our services offer several operations such as live news, weather information, wake up calls etc. our digital signage services involve technologies such as LCD, LED etc to display pictures, videos, web pages or text. Digital signage allows a business to display public information, product information, navigation, advertising and promotion and many more. Our services help our clients’ different ways for marketing and outdoor advertising. Our IPTV system and digital signage services enable our users to capture video directly from any source and manage its delivery within digital signage screens to any connected device using your network.

Design And Maintenance


We design, optimize and visualize efficient digital signage solutions to enhance your communications. We deliver entertainment, news, information and advertisement to various industries through digital signage services. Our services provide high value of information and keep our customers up to date. IPTV system and digital signage solutions also find application in education, training and corporate branding. They make important information easily accessible to users hence enhance user experience. We provide solutions that help in gaining maximum return of your investment using excellent IP technology. We ensure that the correct content is being delivered to the right audience. Our team of expert configures, manage and control your IPTV system and signage screens.

Our Features


We are dedicated in delivering remarkable communication solutions on time. We are determined to provide overall performance improvement in your business. Our IPTV and digital signage solution enable our users to easily manage their devices. we combine data from various sources and ensure to provide best content to our clients. Our services also include real time status monitoring and content management tools. We provide unlimited access to many broadcast channels. We provide various benefits to our clients which includes lower cost of ownership and faster time to value. We specialize in offering fully integrated solutions and services in consulting, design and engineering and implementation and integration. We provide comprehensive and scalable solutions that provide better reliability and user experience. We use your available IP network to display content. We serve best in class IPTV and digital signage solutions in Saudi Arabia. We solve visual communication challenges of our clients and improve their communication and collaboration. Our IPTV systems are secured and can stream the content over local area network. We use cutting end technologies for superior end user experience.