We supply innovation and productivity in manufacturing process through our services. Our solutions are creative and innovative. Our solutions help manufacturing process less cumbersome and more automated. We offer robust solutions that address manufacturers to improve performance, execution and coordination. Integrated ICT solutions help in driving sustainable and efficient operations quick product development and innovation through our services creating competitive advantage for your industry. We access, monitor and report a security situation and apply our solutions to resolve it. We help manufacturing clients in improving their customer’s experience.

Services We Offer In A Manufacturing Unit

  • Project managementWe manage research and development project through our integrated and comprehensive solutions.
  • Shop floor managementWe operate the data of shops connected with your manufacturing units through our networking solutions.
  • Sales and servicingICT solutions help in communicating with the sellers and retailer easily and also improve servicing of the products
  • Warehouse managementUsing our innovative and advanced solutions which apply modern technologies we maintain the data of storage house. Checking the availability of product become easier by use of integrated ICT solutions.
  • Transportation managementTransportation plays a key role in a manufacturing unit. We manage your transportation services through our advanced integrated ICT solutions.
  • Service part managementWe also manage service parts at your service center. We analyse your data and monitor it for security purpose.
  • Sales and marketing managementThe annual sales and marketing and the income generated by the unit is also managed through our solutions.

Features of our services

  • Flexibility Our solutions are flexible to meet our customers need
  • Maximum production uptimeWe cater ICT integrated solutions that maximizes production uptime and increases productivity.
  • Real time visibilityWe ensure to increase real time visibility and accelerate your business growth.
  • ReliableIn manufacturing industry we offer reliable ICT solutions that can improve your business.

We offer all in one solutions for small as well as large enterprises in manufacturing industry our ICT integrated solutions enable you to quickly reply to ever changing market demands.
We secure your manufacturing process to protect them against threats. We ensure reliable manufacturing and delivery of finished goods. Our security solutions help at every step of planning and installation process. We identify manufacturing threats and develop end to end security solutions that enhance productivity of manufacturing process.

Our Services Include

  • Security systems that monitor your manufacturing unit 24/7.
  • CCTV camera for video surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • ICT integrated and security solutions that enhance security management at manufacturing unit.
  • Fire alarm systems to reduce harm of any fire hazard.
  • Intruder detection services that prevent access of any unauthorized users.

We defend your factories with most effective security solutions. Our solutions reduce threats and sustain business growth. We identity security issue and address customized solution that meet the needs of our clients. We are experienced in addressing security threats in manufacturing industry. We are leading ICT integrated solutions and security solutions providers in Saudi Arabia.