Passive Solution

Passive Solutions

We help you to achieve your business goals through our world class passive solutions. We interconnect the various active devices through a single IP network. We provide complete passive networking solutions in Saudi Arabia. We have a team of certified technicians who provide solutions to your complex problems. We handle all type of UTP and fiber optic cabling requirements of our clients.

Components Used

Our passive solutions components include

  • UTP Patch Panel
  • UTP Patch Cords
  • Optical Fibre Cables

Our cables offer quick networking connections between transceivers and other network components. We provide full range of fiber optic cables. Our cables are specially designed to transmit high speed data to our customers. We use silicon devices to boost performance of the cable. We offer comprehensive telecommunication equipments. Our services involve planning, design and installation of passive solutions. We are well establishes as top company in providing passive solutions in Saudi Arabia. We serve our clients with reliable and efficient services at affordable rates. We offer our services to variety of large and small organizations.

We provide broadest range of passive network solutions that are customized according to your needs. Our passive network solutions include structures cabling, data center preparation, CCTV and surveillance systems and access control systems. Our cables provide complete systems for transmitting data, voice and video from one location to another.

Our solutions and services are of high quality and low maintenance cost. We are experiences in providing a range of passive solutions to suit our clients need. We specialize in design and specification of cabling solutions. We design our cables according to size and type of your organization. Various industries such as hospitality, healthcare, education, oil and gas, government and retail businesses have out sources all their passive solution needs to us.

Implementation Services


We apply correct implementation services to meet the international standards. We provide our clients with right solutions at affordable prices. We deliver latest technology solutions that enhance productivity of your business. Our cables deliver data efficiently from single transmission points to multiple user endpoints. Our passive solutions consume low power and have low operational cost. We offer easy to use and maintain passive solutions. We offer superior cabling and networking solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our objective is to deliver high quality passive solutions enabling your business to function more efficiently. We are committed in delivering high bandwidth and low latency passive solutions.

Our Solutions


Our passive network solutions are based on advanced modulation and electrical compensation technologies. We strive to manage expectations of our clients and provide them with best in class passive solutions. We are a promising solution to establish fast and reliable connections. Our systems provide high network speed with stronger security. Our cables are slim, easy to handle and easy to install. We are a future of cable network solutions in Saudi Arabia. We offer genuine flexible cables with high bandwidths. Our solutions are scalable and fully customizable. Our cables have longer life and deliver high network security. We offer better user experience through our passive network solutions. Our cables have lower space requirements and help you meet your business goals.