Information and communication technology plays a vital role in retail sector. Our services play an important role in retail operations which include both points of sale operations as well as point of supply information. We control your data and information through our services. The use of technology in retail aids in data collection. We are committed in serving time saving and cost effective solutions for retailers. Through our solutions retail stores can easily communicate with each other and with the manufacturing unit. We offer a wide array of retail solutions to our customers which involves the use of cutting end technology. We serve super market chain warehouse and distribution retail IOT and business analytics and business information for retail through are integrated ICT solutions. By utilizing advance solutions we enhance customer services experience

Challenges In Retail Sector

  • Customer dataRetailers generally suffer from information overload because they have mass amount of data and it becomes difficult for them to manage data
  • Transparency and trackingRetailers should increase transparency and tracking systems to provide better services to their customers.
  • Global data synchronizationRetailers must enable a system to safeguard their services by using real time data to observe manufacturing processes.

Role Of Our Integrated ICT Solutions In Retail Sector

  • We increase the organizations ability to respond the marketplace through our flexible services.
  • We collect and analyze clients data through our services
  • We are the most effective use of stock of retailers and improve their business.
  • We manage mass amount of data of a retail industry through our services.
  • Our services increase transparency between systems of retailers.
  • By enabling the use of real time systems we synchronize global data of retailers.

Technology Used

  • Digital signage
  • Unified communications
  • IP network solutions
  • Intercom systems
  • Internet connectivity

We secure your assets and services using our advanced security solutions. Our security solutions are customizable to safeguard your retail technologies. Our expert team understands the technology you apply to your business and threats that can affect your security. We protect your flow using our flexible security solutions. We solve threats that can cause damage to your data.

Our Security Services

  • Email and network securityWe maintain and implement perfect security solutions which include antivirus software, firewalls which keep your business secure and safe.
  • Secured firewallWe protect your networks from blocking intruders from unauthorized access.
  • System and network monitoringWe monitor your retail industry using IP CCTV surveillance to eliminate threats.
  • Mobile device managementWe provide access of your data on your smart phones without compromising security solutions.
  • Fire alarm systemsOur file alarm systems prevent fire hazards by detection of fire and production of an emergency response.

We maintain a world class team which consist of trained professionals to support you 24/7. They are concerned in identifying new threats that can affect your retail business and resolve them by applying security solutions. We are popular service providers of ICT integrated solutions and security solutions in Saudi Arabia.