Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

We are the promising telecom service suppliers in Saudi Arabia. We supply systems from major manufacturers.


Our installations services offer a wide range of services in Saudi Arabia. Telecom industry is one of the emerging economy which are showing growth in mobile subscriber base and broad band penetration.
We focus on cost saving services through automation. We put quality systems at reasonable cost we focus on building various components of business support system and integrate them with the OSS by using latest technologies we enable our clients to develop enterprise solutions for the Telecom industries. We turn challenges faced by our clients into best solutions provide the services of consistent quality that possibly exceeds the customer’s requirement we optimise streamline and boost your business we treat each of our customers unique needs our aim is to achieve efficient valuable and seamless telecommunication are telecommunication solutions Include

  • Unified Communications
  • Hybrid communication
  • Multi-location communication
  • Mobility
  • Fix media gateways
  • Universal media gateways the industries

We serve include hospitality Healthcare government oil and gas manufacturer and retail business

  • Our telecom products include unified Communications server
  • Unified communication software
  • Soft phone
  • Universal media gateway
  • Video conferencing software

the hardware we use embed a platform for modern Enterprises are media gateways are specially designed for Speed traffic and flexibility we specialise in a bunch of service spread across network deployment consultancy services and Energy Management we provide innovative solutions and professional services for telecommunication operators

Our Services

Our services mainly comprises of

  • OFC splicing We provide reliable high capacity high speed services fibre optic networks that are a perfect solution for your telecom services.
  • Consultancy devices Consultancy devices such as Smart Card tab security and surveillance automation voice based online services are being supplied to our clients
  • Network deployment Our motive is to optimise energy consumption by using systematic processes we believe in proven methodologies to find solution to your problems
  • Liaising servicesWe worked on clearance for several Telecom projects for government

Challenge And Opportunities

Challenges and opportunities for telecom services include

  • OT service
  • Competition application
  • Services io
  • Artificial intelligence solutions
  • Revenue decrement
  • Augmented reality
  • Developing 5G digital analysis
  • IOT Technology

Telecom Solutions

Telecom solutions includes

  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Engineering and R and D services
  • Customer experience management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • App modernization
  • Transfer management

Why Choose us

  • Business automation We develop Technologies that make your business to try better while enhancing productivity
  • Software development life cycle management We provide cost effective software management and maintenance solutions
  • Software consulting we provide services that help you focus on real challenges and offer expert Technological Solutions
  • Transfer management